Twice a year Lidewij creates a collection of trend books and audiovisuals for the textile and fashion industries as well as the interior, design, beauty and well being markets.
The trend books and the audiovisuals forecast trends in colours, fabrics, shapes and styles according to the most cutting-edge consumer attitudes is being identified by the Trend Union team.


The General Trend Book is personally conceived by Lidewij Edelkoort every six months, as the main book of the season setting forth the trends two years in advance.
This book expresses the trends using inspirational visuals, key colour combinations, fabrics and materials that are sampled from all over the world, explanatory keywords and texts, carefully compiled by the Trend Union team.


Created by Lidewij Edelkoort, the Colour Forecast book is a colour package consisting of double fabric swatches plus a book with colour combinations, inspirational visuals and explanatory keywords.
Additional cotton colour swatches are available for purchase.


Activewear is the newest trend publication, which will let you discover the up and coming trend in colour, innovative high-tech textile, key silhouettes and inspiration texts for the Sports industry.


Meanswear book is a forecast specific to the men’s fashion market, which also gives inspiration for customer identities, silhouettes and accessories. Produced in an unfolding file format, this product features key images, colour harmonies, keywords and texts.
The colours are forecasted by Arnold van Geuns & Clemens Rameckers, known for their men’s fashion and textile expertise as well as for their design creations and collaborations with major home and fashion brands.


Presents the newest trends in the field of design, architecture and decoration.
It illustrates the decoration of our domestic and professional spaces, including references to forms and materials, and a detailed colour card. Key words and texts describe the identities and behaviours of future consumers, destined not only for the home and interiors sectors, but increasingly so for other industries as varied as food retailing, automobile interiors, leisure parks and tabletop design.

BLOOM magazine

Bloom Magazine was created in 1998 in response to the ever-growing lifestyles inspired by trends in flowers, plants and gardening.


Bloom is produced in collaboration with several highly talented artists, stylists, designers and photographers. We enjoy sharing and promoting the work of the new talents we discover. Lending horticulture a new voice through the creativity of these contemporary artists, we wish to stimulate all our readers’ senses and imagination. We choose to publish an advertising-free magazine, allowing our readers to be fully immersed in our captivating stories.

Bloom is the first magazine of its kind to analyse the major trends in horticulture with informative and inspirational photography and texts, and their relation to the fashion, interior and industrial design, architecture, packaging, cosmetics, and food industries. It speaks to all levels of the industry, from hybrid creators to growers, buyers, distributors, retailers and florists.

It is also destined for a much wider public as well as students and professionals; all those keen on photography, horticulture and contemporary creation.

Edelkoort Editions produces its own trend publications

In collaboration with highly-talented stylists and photographers these inspirational tools become sophisticated image banks for creatives all around the world.

If you would like to purchase one of our photos or would like to get more information, please write us and mention the reference number of the image or slide the photo into your message.

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